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Birthdate:Feb 10
Location:Edinburgh, (Error in Linkification)
≈≈ ßlue §ky ∂rowning ≈≈

Name: Tasha/Zen/Ace
Age: 16
Birthday: 10 Feb
Home: Anywhere I want to be.
Languages Spoken: English (fluent), Swedish (learning - main focus), German (learning - background learning), a little Japanese. Also wanting to learn Finnish and Norwegian.

♫ Is overly paranoid.
♫ Can be terribly violent.
♫ Compassionate and kind/cares for others.
♫ Others, but they're unlistable because I fail.
♫ Thanks to Hetalia, attempting to learn Swedish. Anyone willing to help out is ♥
♫ Likes singing along to Finnish songs even though learning Swedish.
RP. Is. Amazing.
♫ Loves meeting new people so don't be shy. Though if you're a homophobe or find my mental tendencies to mimic characters really odd, gtfo now. :3

Let's start at year Zero.


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Ðαиcเиg ⊕и тнє kиเvєϩ Σdgє, ⊂αℓℓเиg т⊕ тнє ƒя⊕zєи ωเиd
♫ There's beauty in the breakdown~ ♫

Interests (134):

3 doors down, 30 seconds to mars, absorbing, afi, akeboshi, alkaline trio, all-american rejects, alternative, angela aki, anime, anything interesting, aph, axis powers hetalia, aya hirano, back-on, being creative, being generally awesome, being lazeh, being weird, biffy clyro, bitchin', bleach, blue october, breaking benjamins, chatting, chinese, cinema bizarre, covenant, creativity, crude humor, csi, dancing, deviantart, dht, die fantastischen vier, dir en grey, disturbed, downloading music, drawing, drinking pepsi, electropop, etc, evanescence, eyeshield 21, fall out boy, fangirling, fightstar, finnish, foreign, forgetting accounts, french, general fiction, general sci-fi, german, getbackers, good charlotte, green day, hetalia, hillary duff, house, html, internet, japanese, jem griffiths, kaiser chiefs, karneval, kelly clarkson, kevin rudolf, kill hannah, killers, korean, kusao tsuyoshi, l'arc en ciel, lacuna coil, lafee, languagefagging, languages, limp bizkit, linkin park, listening to music, lostprophets, making a million accounts, making international friends, marilyn manson, merlin, mindless self indulgence, mock the week, muse, namie amuro, niki chow, offspring, papa roach, pendulum, perfume, pillar, pink, porcelain and the tramps, powermann5000, pussycat dolls, rammstein, rasmus, red jumpsuit aparatus, researching, rihanna, rock, roleplay, rp, sash, savage garden, self-teaching, sido, singing, skillet, sleep, some het, spooks code 9, storm hawks, sum41, swedish, switch, t.a.t.u, three days grace, timbaland, tokio hotel, trance, twitter, utada hikaru, uverworld, watching tv, within temptation, writing, yaida hitomi, yaoi, yuri
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